DonDon Men’s Undershirt

We are suppliers of wide selection of men’s undershirt, slips and boxers to all costumers all around the world with some opportunities like low price, premium quality and fast global shipping.

Our standard composition is cotton 95%, elastane 5%.

If you request another composition or product type please let us know. We can also satisfy your need by working on your sample. You can provide us your undershirt or boxer sample or design documentation and we will work on it to offer you the same product with a better quality perception at reasonable prices.

Color: white, black, grey
Composition:cotton 95%, elastane 5%
Machine Wash
Additional Information
Cut:semi adherent
Sports appointment:Fitness & crossfit; sporty style
Care of things:side wash;
Type of size:for all types
Sports model:t-shirt for every day
Made in Turkiye (Turkey)

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Ottoman Style Mosaic Chandelier Night Lights

Antique brass color engraved metal body globe is made of handcut glass pieces & glass beads. A unique gift & a conversation piece that will change the atmosphere of your place and fascinate your guests!

Handcut glass & beads glued 1 by 1 on naked glass globe by hand. This Unique, beautiful and authentic handmade Turkish Mosaic Lamp is made in Turkey with excellent quality. We will sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure International delivery.

Made for US Use. E12 US Socket. Needs E12 Bulb
QUALITY GUARANTEED | Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. All of our products have 30 days full refund guarantee. Do not forget to look at our other products.

Paste Graphite for Hot Brass Forging

Paste graphite or graphite paste is used particularly for the graphitization of the brass billets in the sieves before heating in the furnaces and hot forging. The use of this product instead of the dust graphite allows the reduction of dusts in the environment and maximizes the forging quality. It also increases the performance in the furnaces and provides energy savings on gas and electric consumption.

In order to use our paste of graphite you must have a graphitizing machine that you can get it at

To have better forging quality you can complete the paste graphite with another our product, hot forging oil with graphite. For more information please click here.

All these products are of Italian origin.

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Underwear for men & cotton boxer briefs DONDON, a global brand in underwear, enters the American market with us.

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Color: Red, black, Navy blue, blue, blue, yellow

Compositioncotton : 95%, elastane 5%

Landing typeaverage; high;

Care of thingsgentle wash at 30 degrees; bleaching is prohibited; bleaching only non-chlorine bleachLinen

Panties model : Boxers , Slips vs.

Appointment of linen / swimsuit: everyday

Packing width:10 cm

Package height: 22 cm

Packing depth :1 cm

The texture of the linencotton; soft elastic band;

Ottoman Mosaic Decorative Night Lamp: The best lighting for your home decoration!

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  • Customizable Turkish Mosaic Hardwired Chandelier. Needs Hard-Wiring to Ceiling.
  • 100% Handmade. Mosaic Glass Pieces & Beads Glued 1 by 1 onto Glass Globes.
  • Globe Diameter : 6.5″, Lamp Diameter : 10″, Hangs : 35″ (From ceiling to the last hanging globe’s bottom).
  • Height : Approx. 90cm (35″) (From ceiling to the last hanging globe)
  • Worldwide Use. Comes with country spesific plug & sockets.
  • Material : Glass
  • Swicht : Hanging Ceiling
  • Wattage : 60 watts

U-PVC Solvent Cement True Union Ball Valve for Water

16 or 3/8″202 00 016 21655 $      23,73
20202 00 020 21655 $      19,59
25202 00 025 21675 $      20,72
32202 00 032 21660 $      24,49
40202 00 040 21630 $      26,37
50202 00 050 21620 $      30,89
63202 00 063 21612 $      40,69
75202 00 075 2169 $    105,49
90202 00 090 2164 $    139,39
110202 00 110 2162 $    207,21
Product code needed for RFQsNumber of products inside a boxPLEASE CONTACT US FOR UPDATED PRICES or WHOLESALE REQUESTS

U-PVC Butterfly Valve (Single)

DiameterPressureBoxEPDM O-RingPriceFPM O-RingPrice
63101201 00 063 4πŸ“ž201 01 063 4πŸ“ž
75101201 00 075 4πŸ“ž201 01 075 4πŸ“ž
90101201 00 090 4πŸ“ž201 01 090 4πŸ“ž
110101201 00 110 4πŸ“ž201 01 110 4πŸ“ž
125101201 00 125 4πŸ“ž201 01 125 4πŸ“ž
140101201 00 140 4πŸ“ž201 01 140 4πŸ“ž
160101201 00 160 4πŸ“ž201 01 160 4πŸ“ž
200101201 00 200 4πŸ“ž201 01 200 4πŸ“ž
225101201 00 225 4πŸ“ž201 01 225 4πŸ“ž
250101201 00 250 4πŸ“ž201 01 250 4πŸ“ž
280101201 00 280 4πŸ“ž201 01 280 4πŸ“ž
315101201 00 315 4πŸ“ž201 01 315 4πŸ“ž

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