Welcome to Dimas / Sell in USA & Europe!

You wish to sell your product in US market and do not know how?

  1. Submit your product info in the section ADD YOUR PRODUCT
  2. After our analysis we can list it on our website and buy it as Dimas depending on its score.
  3. If analysis score is high enough; it will be listed on our retail and wholesale channels:
    1. DIMAS STORE (Click here to visit)
    3. AMAZON in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France etc.
    4. Alibaba.com

Please contact us to start to sell your product through Dimas marketing services in USA, American & European countries.

Our warehouses

  • 5000 square meters in New Jersey, US
  • 2500 square meters in Toronto, Canada
  • 500 square meters in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 500 square meters in Brescia, Italy

serve American and European markets through the best logistic partners.


Tornos Multideco 20/6 CNC Multispindle Lathe with Automatic bar loader, YOM 2004.
For details click here.

Robobar Bar Loader

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